Mission Statement

Knowledge is power. We believe that everyone deserves easy access to the most current knowledge about medical marijuana and CBD. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to sort through all the clutter and mixed messages you’ll find online. In today’s ever-changing environment, clinics, hospitals, universities and other institutions are constantly discovering new ways to help us live healthier and happier and how hemp can play a role in achieving this.

In Canna Cure Café we will reveal the most current medical marijuana advances, giving you alternatives to the mainstream’s standard Big Pharma drug solutions. This resource will be useful for anyone looking for the information and answers regarding medical marijuana and CBD that their traditional doctors are not yet knowledgeable about.

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Comments From The Café…


This is a great place to find the latest info about whats going on in the CBD Market! I’ve learned so much from the Canna Cure Café Blogs and always keep an eye out for new information!

Tamy S.
Testimonial 2

I was very skeptical about CBD and Hemp in general, But the Canna Cure Café is a great place to get help understanding how CBD and Hemp affects your mind and body.

Bill K.