It’s a wise idea for anyone to get a massage on a regular basis because of all the benefits that come with it. Many choose to get massages as part of their health regimen, and now they have the

Getting regular massages is good for you

option of asking for a CBD-infused massage.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis and hemp, known to help treat a variety of illnesses such as anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, inflammation, headaches, joint pain, epilepsy and more. It’s not the same as THC, which is the main compound in marijuana that creates a “high” effect.

CBD, when infused into a massage, means that you’re getting a normal massage, but instead of essential oils your massage therapist will be using CBD-infused oils and creams. We’ll talk about the benefits of a CBD massage vs. a regular massage, what to expect during it and the potential side effects.

CBD-Infused vs. Regular Massage

CBD has so many potential positive outcomes that many people are starting to realize it’s the best option out there for a massage. The kneading, rubbing and massaging technique won’t be any different than a regular massage; the only difference is the use of CBD-infused products. That way, you’ll be able to come away from your massage knowing if you felt a big difference because of the CBD or not. When you add CBD oils and creams to your regular massage, you’ll experience the following benefits:

A CBD massage just uses CBD topicals

  • Calms inflammation
  • Reduces chronic pain
  • Soothes anxiety
  • Melts tension
  • Deeply relaxes
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Improves skin health

In terms of the benefits of CBD massage specifically, “CBD oil has natural anti-inflammatory effects that can more effectively soothe sore muscles and joints, which makes it great for massages,” explains Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, Chillhouse founder. “It encourages the body to speed up the healing process and is beneficial in relieving anxiety as well as gastric distress.”

What to Expect During a CBD Massage

You won’t have to do anything differently than what you normally would do before a massage.

You’ll meet your massage therapist and tell them what areas are bothering you. They will then leave you alone to undress to your comfort level and lie face down on the massage table.  As hard as it may be, try your best to quiet your mind by taking some deep breaths. Your therapist will begin the massage. They will focus on your areas of concern, but administer CBD oils and creams to most of your body. After your allotted time, you’ll get up, get dressed, drink some water and enjoy the rest of your day.

Side Effects

Though there are many people who swear by topical CBD, it’s worth staying up to date on the science that backs it up. The National Institutes of Health regularly point out that more research needs to be done on CBD and all its potential health benefits and long-term side effects.

Currently, the majority of the studies on CBD pertain to oral dosages, which in some cases have been associated with the negative side effects of diarrhea, nausea, fatigue, drowsiness and more. Most of these side effects are mild and tolerated extremely well by generally healthy people.

However, CBD use is not tied to topical CBD use. So when considering a CBD massage, remember that while CBD popularity is growing, the science is still catching up.

Should You Try a CBD-Infused Massage?

You’ll feel amazing afterward

If you already know that you like to get massages and you’re curious about CBD, it’s worth a try. Some people will be more affected than others from the creams and oils than others. There’s a good chance you will come away singing CBD’s praises or, at the very least, feeling as good as any other massage you’ve gotten.

The advantage of CBD topicals is they are designed to help relieve tension, relax muscles and ease stress. If that sounds good to you, ask around about where you can try a CBD-infused massage. The more legalized and popular CBD becomes, the more widely available CBD massages will be nearby you as well.