Switzerland Allows 3Xs the Amount of THC in Their CBD

As you know, many countries have legalized medical and recreational marijuana, but there are many differences in what that means to consumers and their CBD experiences.

The biggest concern most governments have is how much THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is allowed in CBD products.

In Switzerland, for example you can use CBD that contains 1% of THC. Here in the U.S. it’s 0.3%.

Here is the main thing.

When the cannabis plant grows, it develops different THC levels in different areas of the plant. After the cultivation of the plant, it is time to leave the plant to develop its natural level of THC which can determine how potent and how psychoactive the CBD product will be at the end of the process.

In Switzerland, things are clear. The cultivators and cannabis rule creators agree about the percent of THC in cannabinoid products which should be as high as 1%.

Because of this CBD there is more effective and more powerful in treating different medical conditions.

What Can We Learn From Other Countries That Have Legalized CBD?

Switzerland is not the only country that we can learn from. Other countries like Canada, Luxembourg, and Denmark allow for higher levels of THC in their CBD.

Following them will lead to better more effective CBD products.

Heck, the use of recreational marijuana in Canada is completely legal. Canadians can buy, use and sell cannabis without any legal restrictions that are part of the American cannabis policies.

The argument is not that we need full legal, recreational use of cannabis. Though it certainly has its merits. It’s that the proven benefits of CBD and THC should have us taking a closer look on the science behind why it works…

And take 100 years of politics and stigma out of it.