Here’s a story about an 80-year-old grandmother who went from debilitating back pain to being pain-free just by changing her perspective…

Hope Bobowski’s osteoarthritis back pain was so severe that on most days she could hardly move. Her husband Stan had to help her get out of bed, dress her and take care of all the cooking.

The great-grandmother was swallowing up to six Tylenol 3 painkillers every day…

“I was going downhill fast,” she admits.

But what bothered Hope the most was that she couldn’t participate in her favorite activities — working in her garden, card games with her friends, doing puzzles at the dining room table and most important, playing with her great-grandkids.

One night, as Hope and her husband sat down to watch TV, a show came on explaining the benefits of a miracle treatment many are calling Big Pharma’s worst nightmare.

Stan suggested she try it to ease her chronic pain.

Hope’s first reaction was, “No way. I’m not having anything to do with it.” She’d been brought up with the strong belief that “you didn’t go around doing drugs.”

Until she realized that her Tylenol 3 contained codeine, an opioid narcotic. And her doctor recommended she switch to a stronger prescription opioid painkiller like OxyContin.

Hope considered her options. And decided she was likely to end up hooked on opioids. So, she decided to give this new treatment a shot…

She tried 10 drops. And the next day, “there was no pain.”

Since then, this great-grandmother takes a spoonful every night before bed. And since she started taking this miracle oil, she’s stopped using all of Big Pharma’s painkillers.

The miracle that saved Hope from becoming another opioid statistic is hemp oil.

Today, she’s an advocate for hemp, and as she puts it: “I’m spreading the word.”

And Hope isn’t alone. Seniors are the fastest-growing group of medical hemp users. In fact, according to a recent study, medical use of the plant has increased 250% for those over the age of 65.1

Hemp oil cannot alter your state of mind — or get you “high.”

But hemp interacts with and activates receptors in your brain that affect pain — including your opioid receptor. This is the same receptor targeted by Big Pharma’s dangerous and addictive drugs.

It was even the world’s leading medicine for more than 10,000 years. The two oldest forms of medicine — Ayurveda and Chinese — used the oil to treat everything from high blood pressure and cancer to sexual dysfunction and pain.

The ancient Egyptians wrote extensively about hemp in Ebers Papyrus, the world’s oldest medical textbook. Queen Victoria, Britain’s longest running monarch, used it to ease her menstrual pains. And both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew the herb. Washington is even reported to have used it to cure his awful toothaches.

Hemp is leading the largest pain relief revolution we’ve seen since a Bayer chemist invented aspirin in the late 1890s to alleviate his father’s painful rheumatoid arthritis. Millions of pain sufferers — like Hope — are turning to this all-natural oil to treat their pain instead of dangerous and addictive opioids.

In the first five-year study, researchers reported that prescription opioid use fell 6.38%. In the second study, researchers found that the daily doses of any opioid dispensed per year dropped by almost 4 million when patients had access to hemp.2

And according to new research published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, 20% of hemp users quit taking opiates.3

Hemp was so effective, it led researchers to call hemp oil Big Pharma’s “worst nightmare.”

Your All-Natural Plant Prescription for Pain-Free Living

Thanks to the new farm bill, hemp oil is completely legal. You don’t need a prescription. You can buy it — and use it — anywhere in the U.S. Here are two ways hemp can be used by people experiencing pain like Hope who don’t want to take Big Pharma’s opioid drugs.

  1. First, try a hemp supplement. Look for one that is made in America, non-GMO, organic, pesticide-free, and FREE of THC. Start with 10 mg a day of a rich hemp oil. And look for one that is water soluble so it easily absorbs into your system. But always consult your doctor first and adjust your dosages accordingly.
  2. For smaller aches and pains, try a topical hemp oil. Look for products with high-quality ingredients. Avoid corn syrup, GMOs, pesticides, trans fats and artificial additives. And find an oil that has been tested for consistency and verified as free of mold, bacteria, pesticides, solvent residues and other contaminants. Here’s how to apply a topical hemp oil:Determine where to apply your topical. Before applying your hemp ointment, consider where your pain is coming from.Clean the area. We come into contact with a whole world of unseen bacteria and contaminants that can get on our skin. Before applying, clean the area and then let it dry.

    Apply your topical hemp oil. You can apply it like you would a moisturizer. Gently rub it into your skin until absorbed.

    Wash your hands. After applying your topical, wash your hands so you don’t get it in your eyes or other areas that don’t require pain relief.


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