Seniors Leaving Tylenol Behind

Hemp oil has amazing benefits for your health and Seniors leaving Tylenol behind each day.

But 61% of Americans are still confused about this 6,000-year-old cure-all.1

Hope Bobowski certainly was. But today this 80-year-old great-grandmother is one of the oil’s biggest advocates.

Hope was suffering from severe osteoarthritis. It was so debilitating that on most days she could barely move. Her husband Stan had to dress her, cook for her and help her get in and out of bed.

She was taking up to six Tylenol 3 painkillers every single day.

Then one night, Stan watched a local news segment about the benefits of what researchers are calling Big Pharma’s “worst nightmare.” He suggested Hope try hemp oil from the cannabis sativa plant for her chronic pain.

Seniors Leaving Tylenol Behind for CBD?

Hope’s first reaction was “No way. I don’t go around doing drugs.” Until she realized that her Tylenol 3 contained codeine, an opioid narcotic. And her doctors wanted to switch her to the even-strong opioid OxyContin.

So Hope tried 10 drops of hemp oil. And the next day “there was no pain.”

Hope started to take a spoonful of hemp oil every night before bed. Since then, she has STOPPED taking all prescription and over-the-counter pain relievers.

And today, Hope is spreading the word about how this miracle oil saved her life…

Thousands of first-person accounts — like Hope’s — provide anecdotal proof that hemp works. And this proof has been well-documented for thousands of years.

Hemp was the world’s leading medicine for more than 6,000 years. The two oldest forms of medicine — Ayurveda and Chinese — used the oil to treat everything from high blood pressure and cancer to sexual dysfunction and pain.

Ancient Egyptian’s relationship with CBD

The ancient Egyptians described its benefits in the Ebers Papyrus, the world’s first existing medical textbook. Seniors leaving Tylenol Behind, The ancient Greek physician Dioscorides wrote extensively about it in his five-volume medical text.

Even the fathers of our country, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, not only grew hemp… they used it!

Hemp comes from the cannabis plant. But it can’t get you “high” or alter your mind in any way. What it does do is interact with and activate receptors in your brain that affect pain. This includes the opioid receptor targeted by the pharmaceutical companies’ dangerous drugs.

And this has Big Pharma scared… You see, millions of pain sufferers are turning to this all-natural therapy to treat their pain. And tossing their prescriptions in the trash.

In fact, two new studies have found that in every state that has legalized cannabinoids, opioid use has dropped dramatically.

Both studies were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and show that Seniors Leaving Tylenol Behind.

Studies have proven “experts” wrong!

In the first five-year study, researchers reported that prescription opioid use fell 6.38%. In the second study, researchers found that the daily doses of any opioid dispensed per year dropped by nearly 4 million when patients had access to cannabis.2

And according to new research published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, 20% of hemp users quit taking opiates.3 In this breakthrough study, 2,700 elderly patients treated their cancer pain with CBD.

After six months, almost everyone in the study reported successful results. Their chronic pain was cut in half — with no side effects. Nearly everyone reduced their painkiller use and many quit using opiates entirely.

Many people suffering from chronic pain always ask the same question: Is it legal?

The answer is yes. In 2018, Congress passed an $867 billion farm bill that finally made hemp legal again.

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3 Steps to Choosing the Right Hemp Oil Supplement for You

  1. Look for a full-spectrum product. Full-spectrum hemp is an extract that contains all the compounds that occur naturally in the plant. This includes fatty acids, flavonoids, terpenes (essential oils) and cannabinoids. When these compounds are together in your oil, it provides what’s called an “entourage effect.” That means that each single component magnifies the individual benefit of each different part.
  2. Pick an oil that’s lipid soluble. The cannabinoids in hemp are lipophilic, or fat-soluble. So using a lipid-soluble formula means it will be able to cross cell membranes more efficiently… and therefore, get into your blood more quickly.
  3. Read the ingredient list carefully. In a rush to get a popular product to market, many manufacturers offer an oil that’s been “watered down” with fillers. Look at the concentration level of the oil you’re buying. Also look for products with high-quality ingredients. Avoid corn syrup, GMOs, pesticides, trans fats or artificial additives.


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