President George Washington faced many battles in the French and Indian War in 1753. But there was one that almost cost him the war and could have changed the course of American history…

It was the battle he had with his bowels.

You see, the President was in so much agony from diarrhea that he used a pillow just to sit on his horse when marching into the warzone. This propped him up higher than most and made him a target.

What Washington didn’t realize was that he was growing a simple cure right in the backyard of his Mount Vernon farm.

Many people miss out on the best parts of their lives because painful — and embarrassing — gut problems make them feel like they have to stay close to home.

In fact, they pretty much plan their lives around their bathroom habits.

The solution? George Washington farmed it himself. And new studies show it can cure devastating gut disorders like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

We’re talking about hemp oil.

Thanks to environmental toxins such as the modern American grain-filled diet, our exposure to plastics and Big Pharma’s overprescribed antibiotics, our guts are suffering more than ever.

IBD affects millions of Americans. And more than 70,000 new cases are diagnosed each year.

IBD can be reversed by balancing your gut microbiome and getting the right nutrients and supplements.

Only recently have we learned of hemp’s ability to heal your gut.

Activating the cannabinoid receptors in your brain with hemp oil can relieve chronic pain and arthritis,1,2 lower blood sugar,3 improve cognition,4 ease anxiety5 and reduce inflammation.6

But now researchers have found a second endocannabinoid system in the gut. And activating this system with hemp oil can prevent painful intestinal inflammation — the root cause of IBD.

Gut inflammation is controlled by two important processes.

The first one triggers an immune response in your gut that destroys dangerous pathogens like bacteria yeast and microbes. While this process is necessary, it can damage your intestinal lining — allowing your immune cells to attack your body.

That’s where hemp oil comes into play…

Because the second process turns off this intestinal inflammation response, thanks to unique molecules in your gut’s epithelial tissue.

But this critical response depends on a naturally produced molecule in your system called an endocannabinoid. These cannabinoids in your body are very similar to the cannabinoids in hemp oil.7

This brand-new study backs up earlier research…

A previous study found that cannabinoids in hemp oil could relax contractions of the smooth muscle of the intestines and reduce cramps. Research also found that during an inflammation flare-up, the body increases cannabinoid receptors in the gut as a way to ease inflammation by metabolizing more cannabinoids.

And for the first time, human studies prove that hemp oil can effectively eliminate IBD in most people.

Researchers at the Meir Hospital and Kupat Holim Clinic in Tel Aviv, Israel, recruited 46 people with moderately severe symptoms. The patients’ inflammation levels were measured before, during and after treatment.

Gut inflammation was checked using an endoscope and by checking markers of inflammation present in blood and stool samples.

After using hemp oil for just eight weeks, 65% of the participants were in full clinical remission. And all the patients reported significant improvement in their quality of life.8

Hemp oil comes from the cannabis sativa plant. It is 100% legal in all 50 states and you don’t need a prescription. And because it’s THC-free, you get all of the healing power without any mind-altering effects.

End the Agony of Gut Inflammation with Hemp Oil

Here are some recommendations for people who want to try hemp oil to relieve their chronic gut inflammation:

  1. Choose how you want to take it. There are several ways to take hemp oil. Before choosing a method, check with your doctor to help you choose the best one. Some of the methods include pure concentrates, tinctures, vaporizing, supplements and topical treatments. Make sure your product is free of corn syrup, GMOs, pesticides, trans fats and artificial additives.
  2. Expect some trial and error in your dosage. Try starting with 10-15 mg per day. If you don’t feel any relief within a few weeks, increase the dose by 5 mg to 10 mg until you feel it’s working. But remember, you cannot overdose on hemp oil.
  3. Try taking it before you go to bed. Hemp oil can make you feel sleepy. In fact, a lot of people take it just for this reason. Try taking it about a half an hour before you turn in for the night.


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